Ten years ago Darlene Dadian-Gray came with her husband Ernie to the Oxford Hills so that they could live surrounded by the beautiful hills, lakes and forest. Darlene's background is in Information Technology and Office Management. When her entire department was outsourced to India in 2012 she had to rethink her future and they did not want to leave the area. A long time friend suggested they open a rock shop. His expertise in retail and specialization with mineral specimens, fossils and artifacts gave Darlene the opportunity to follow her dream. With his help they have been able to establish The Raven and immerse themselves in the world of rocks, with access to suppliers, and a wealth of knowledge.


Their son Everett shares their passion as well and is fascinated with rocks and crystals. This amazing world is constantly changing over millions of years. The molten magma rising to form the earth's surface, the plates developing and pushing together and creating mountains; sedimentary deposits forming rock formation and developing this beautiful world we live in. Darlene looks forward to giving Everett, his friends and all the kids in the community an opportunity to learn how crystals are formed, how fossils are left to record the amazing living history of life, and how artifacts teach us where we've come from. There is seemingly no end to this process of change in how our lives are affected by the use of minerals and gemstones, how we have gathered knowledge, and in doing so, have enriched our lives.


To rebuild a historical landmark is a challenge. To make it viable is a commitment and The Raven is honored to be a part of the Norway Opera House renovation.


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