A Note from Darlene Dadian-Gray

My interest in gems and minerals started in my teens. I had a great opportunity to volunteer at the Worcester Science Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, now known as the Ecotarium. I started volunteering in the animal room where we helped the zookeepers care for the animals and their habitats. Occasionally other areas of the WSC would need assistance. One day I was assigned to an area known as the Curator's Workshop. It's hard to describe after all these years... picture a large roll top desk covered in papers and journals, scrimshaw whales teeth and other unique curios in the various pigeon holes of the desk, as if waiting to be appraised and cataloged. Mounted animal specimens surrounding the perimeter of the room and lurking in various perches. And on one small table was my favorite piece, a coconut geode. I had never seen anything so brilliant and dazzling and it fascinated me that something so rough and dull on the outside could be so spectacular on the inside.


Fast forward many years and now I am happily married and a mother of two sons residing in Oxford Hills for almost 10 years. During this time my husband and I would be running errands in the area and would wonder what downtown Norway was like in its heyday—the hustle and bustle of all the various shops. We would also ask what kind of a shop we would have if we ever had the opportunity. Well our youngest son has a keen interest in the earth sciences and whenever we go for walks he always comes home with unique rocks—some quartz, mica and uniquely shaped stones. It is his love and the encouragement and guidance of a long time family friend that has led our decision to open our own rock and mineral shop.


I hope you will come in and learn about rocks, gems, minerals and crystals and allow me to help you begin a collection or finish one... although to most a collection is never complete.

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